Turn Your Apartment Balcony into a Wonderland

While apartment living doesn’t always offer you the space of a large backyard, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the pleasures of a little sunshine and bright blue sky. When you’re looking for a little extra oomph to spice up your apartment, your balcony is an excellent place to find that change.

That’s right. Your balcony can do a lot of things – from acting as a cute garden to providing you the perfect atmosphere for those personal parties amongst a handful of friends – there’s definitely more than meets the eye.

At Santa Anna Apartment Homes, we understand that our residents aren’t just looking for an apartment, they’re looking for a lifestyle that offers them the opportunity to express their uniqueness. That’s why our luxurious apartment homes – with their gorgeous sundecks – are the perfect canvas for your creativity.

Wondering how you can turn your balcony into a awesome wonderland? Consider the following ideas:

Hanging Out

After a long day of work, you probably just want to get home, kick off your shoes, and hangout. Well, turn your outdoor balcony into your own personal sanctuary with a hammock. They work great for smaller balconies where a table and chairs just won’t fit.

Want to add a little more spice to the scene? Consider putting up some string lights and a small piece of wicker furniture to complete the ambiance. You’ll be the envy of the entire apartment complex.

Don’t Lose Your Greenthumb

Just because you don’t have a backyard doesn’t mean that you have to give up your passion for gardening. Instead of spending your weekends at the local grocery stores loading up on produce, why not create your own small garden with some of your favorite veggies.

Before you think it might be too hard to accomplish, be aware that there are a number of DIY wall planters that make it amazingly easy to garden on your balcony. Once you’ve gotten everything started, maintaining your beautiful balcony garden will be a cinch, and in no time you’ll be having delectable greens and chili peppers straight from your own personal treasure trove.

Saving the World One Balcony at a Time

If there’s one thing we have plenty of in Weslaco, it’s sunshine. Yes indeed, south Texas is known for its tropical weather and sunny days. Why not take advantage of all that sun your balcony will be bathing in and get yourself a portable solar panel.

There’s definitely plenty of reason to get excited about solar power, but if you’re looking for an immediate reward, consider all the free energy you can be getting from the sun. While you will have to shell out a couple of dollars to purchase a portable solar panel, it’ll pay for itself by charging your phone, computer, tablet, and small appliances with free, renewable energy. Most come with USB connections and outlets so you can plug your devices right in.

Your Own Personal Garden

Just like growing your own veggies, there’s nothing quite like setting up a small wall garden to enjoy the beauty of nature in the comfort of your own home. Plus, with plenty of sunshine in the RGV, your balcony is sure to grow a number of flowers that only depend on your preferences.

If you want to liven things up, consider using soft drink cans, old buckets, toy trays, and glass jars to plant those saplings. Add a couple of bird houses or earthen miniatures to spruce up the decor.

At Santa Anna Apartment Homes, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re tired of the same old apartments that claim to cater to your passion for life, but still always fall short, then Santa Anna Apartment Homes is the perfect solution to get away from those drab places.

With our resort style pool, gorgeous walking paths, on-site gym, clubhouse and entertainment zone, you’ll never want to leave our grounds. But that’s only if you make it out of your apartment with its fully furnished kitchen, spa inspired baths, and private balcony patios.

Contact us today at (956) 678-4444 to find the luxury you’ve been searching for in Weslaco.

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