Remaking Your Apartment For Summer

Summer can go a long way toward getting us out of our routines. Maybe it’s a vacation or road trip you’re finally getting the chance to take. Or maybe this is the summer where you follow through on a New Year’s resolution and start a new hobby.

Sometimes, though, we find ourselves staying indoors for the summer. Whether it’s simply enjoying the down time the season gives us or deciding to enjoy a staycation in the area, at Santa Anna luxury apartments in Weslaco, we know that summer doesn’t have to stay outside just because we stay in.

For those of you remaining close to home, you can bring that warm, bright summer feeling in with you. Redecorating your apartment this summer can be just what you need to stay busy, get creative, and to give yourself (and your place) a shot of energy.

Three General Guidelines

Remaking your apartment during the summer time can be exciting but also challenging as you figure out where to start. While there always seems to be hundreds of home decor options and styles to choose from, there are a few general guidelines that you should follow in order to make your apartment truly pop!

Bring On the Color!

The first thing we notice when heading outside on a summer day is all the color. Plants are in bloom, the sky is (usually) a deep, clear blue, and sunshine highlights all of nature.

You can bring that picturesque feeling into your apartment by switching to brighter color schemes with a few pieces of furniture and home decor items.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking either, a few changes on the walls or tables can get you going. A new painting, picture frame, or a vase can add small splashes of color throughout your place.

Another route to update your home for summer is by switching out the textiles in your apartment. Your pillows, tablecloths, curtains, and bedspreads can all be subbed out with brighter choices.

The great thing about these changes is that they are easy to switch, regardless of the season. Going back to warmer and darker tones when the weather cools down will be just as simple.

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Be One With Nature

The easiest way to bring the great outdoors inside, is to bring the great outdoors inside. Even things you might commonly overlook outside can bring a fresh new feel to your apartment.

Small items like seashells and rocks can be displayed and arranged in many ways, bringing a beautiful and earthy aura to your pad. You can even plant succulents in a larger shell.

These little green additions to your home have the double bonus of being easy to care for and long-lasting, adding a great touch of nature and summer wherever you showcase them.

The smell of your apartment can also be changed to reflect the season as well. A focus on citrusy scents, like melon, and elemental ones, like ocean breeze, match more closely with expectations and thoughts of summer.

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You can also try adding a natural-fiber rug somewhere new or temporarily replacing one you already have. Chindi rugs usually come in brightly-colored options and add an eclectic vibe to your apartment.

Don’t Be Afraid of Flowers (But It’s Okay if you Are)

Fresh flowers are one of the most literal ways of combining the outdoors with your indoor space – and they smell so much better than dirt.

The fresher you can find them, the more color, life, and energy they will bring to your apartment. Flowers are also a great way to constantly change the look you want without much hassle.

If taking care of real plants is not your style, there are a number of artificial options to choose from. A fake bamboo plant or rubber tree can work well for you.

Not only are these choices low-maintenance but they are sure to shake things up in a big way for you and visitors. The beauty of green indoors is just too much to deny.

Santa Anna wants you to make your new home as special as possible. Our luxury apartments in Weslaco are sure to bring new life to you every time you step inside.

There are endless options for you to consider when looking for a summer theme for your apartment.

If you get stuck while brainstorming, just imagine places you’d head to for a summer trip and try to find elements of those destinations in the decorations you choose.

Contact us today (956) 678-4444 and find out how you can call the luxurious Santa Anna Apartments your new home.

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