7 Perfect Spring Flowers and Plants for Your Apartment

Spring is a beautiful season. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the Great Outdoors in the Rio Grande Valley and to immerse yourself in the serenity that is nature.

While living in an apartment can be an amazing adventure, it doesn’t always offer you the benefits of a backyard. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the Great Outdoors in.

Whether you’re an outdoors enthusiast, or simply want to enliven your decor, placing flowers and plants throughout your apartment can help to make it feel more alive and purify the air. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Dr. Greenthumb to enjoy these perfect spring flowers that can spruce up your apartment.

With only a little space, a bit of access to natural light, and the occasional watering, these 7 flowers and plants will make make you feel like you’re in the Amazon Rainforest (or not).

  1. Peace Lily
  2. A traditional favorite, the peace lily is recognized for its air cleaning qualities, resiliency, and easy handling. A native of tropic regions, peace lilies can thrive in the humidity offered by deep South Texas and produce a beautiful white flower during blooming season. Only requiring a small amount of light and the occasional watering, the peace lily makes for the ideal indoor (and outdoor) house plant.

    1. Bamboo

    Technically a grass, bamboo is an aesthetically pleasing plant that requires very little attention. In fact, the bamboo actually does best in the shade or when receiving indirect sunlight. It’s also recommended that you use purified water rather than tap water, as water from the faucet contains chlorine that can cause the leaves to turn brown.

    1. Violas

    While their optimal blooming period is in spring, violas can be gardened to delay until summer, depending on your preference. Violas are a large family of close to 600 different species that range in color and size, and are well known as relatively easy plants to take care of. They are known to have a good tolerance to sunlight, though not necessarily heat, so it’s best to keep these pansies on a windowsill in your apartment.

    1. Orchid

    A colorful and fragrant flower, orchids make ideal plants for apartment dwellers in the Rio Grande Valley. Benefiting from high humidity, strong light, and a low need for watering, orchids make the perfect indoors plant. Just remember that after a decent watering, they require an excellent drainage. Too much water can actually cause the plant to rot, so make sure to give them the opportunity to let that excess water evaporate.

    1. Spider Plant

    The spider plant makes the perfect indoors companion. Like the other plants on our list, the spider plant requires minimal maintenance while still offering a tantalizing option that not only looks great, but helps to increase air quality in your apartment. The spider plant benefits from its roots being confined to tight spaces and can be placed in plant hangers to give them the appearance from which their name derives.

    1. Lantanas

    Gorgeously colored and absolutely attractive to butterflies, lantanas make the perfect patio or balcony flower. Lantanas love the warm sun and grow abundantly in tropical weather. Even better, the plants require little watering and are tolerant to relatively dry conditions (watering once a week should be good). Just remember that they need good drainage to really be happy. These fragrant and brightly colored flowers will definitely attract butterflies and cute little insects. Plus, it makes your balcony pop!

    1. Zinnias

    The perfect flower for beginners, zinnias are charming and very easy to grow. Coming in a wide variety of colors—everything from white to purple—zinnias grow wonderfully in Texas as they love lots of sun. While they’ll require a little more watering than the previously mentioned plants, they grow perfectly fine in containers and hanging flower baskets. Zinnias are another wonderful flower that can be placed on your balcony or patio to enhance its appeal and will even bring in birds and butterflies to enjoy its sweet allure.

    Come blossom at the luxurious Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco.

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4 Tips for Settling Down in a New City

Have you just recently moved down to the beautiful Rio Grande Valley? Are you still searching for that perfect place to call home? Look no further than the luxurious Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco. Our ideal site provides easy access to both the Upper and Lower Rio Grande Valley while providing you the amenities of city living wrapped in a charming small town environment.

Our immaculately designed apartments provide the perfect living space for those searching for a home. We know that after a long day of work, all you really want is just a moment of peace in your own personal slice of paradise, so grab your favorite book and relax at our gorgeous outdoor cabana and fireplace, or get your daily exercise in at your own private on-site gym.

If you’re new to town and want to make a couple of friends, then join us at our planned resident activities, which are always fun and full of great people to meet.

And we get it. Even though settling in a new town can be exciting, it can also be downright nerve-racking.That’s why we’d like to offer you 4 tips for settling down in a new city.

  1. Get a Lay of the Land   

To really find some sort of comfort zone in a new city, you’re going to have to find out where all essential stores are. We mean finding your way around town to the nearest grocery store, gas station, Target, school or whatever sort of amenity that you deem necessary.

Consider getting out a bit in the evening when traffic has died down or on a free weekend when you have the time to get lost and figure out where everything is. On the upside, this can also help you plan a different (and quicker) route to work.

Keep in mind that the idea is to start close to home and start expanding out little by little as time passes.

A great tool to use when venturing out into that great unknown is a little something known as the Internet. Google searching (and mapping) whatever establishment you’re looking for will make those outings run a lot smoother.

If you’re not in a rush and you’d like to try things out for yourself, that’s ok. In fact, you’ll probably learn the area a lot quicker when you DON’T rely on Google Maps, but if you want to head straight to your destination, the Internet is definitely the way to go.

  1. Talk to Real People

Yes, the Internet is an amazing tool that has made life a little easier, but it shouldn’t substitute for real human interaction. By chatting it up with your coworkers and other locals, you can get some honest feedback on where you should and should not be going. Locals tend to have awesome insight about little diners that you might’ve overlooked and they can also provide shortcuts to and from your destination.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an acquaintance, then call them up and try to schedule a lunch with them. By picking the brain of a local you can find out some of the nuances of the local culture and the environment – like which streets to avoid during rush hour.

If talking with an old buddy is out of the question, then don’t be afraid to ask the barista at the coffee shop, or the cashier at the grocery store. Just remember to be friendly and drop the “I just moved here” line to get some helpful information you might not find out otherwise.

  1. Get Up and Get Out

Learning the lay out of the city and getting some great info about local hotspots is awesome.  Except we all need some friends to enjoy those adventures with, which means you’re going to have to stop binging on Game of Thrones and get out into the real world.

A great way to meet people is through your hobbies. Whether it’s shooting some hoops at the local gym, or dropping by at your local comic shop during an event, take the opportunity to use your interests to meet other people.

Another recommendation is to get involved with community service organizations. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this gives you an opportunity to experience something new with people that are going to be super friendly and happy to have you helping.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to meet with friends of friends. You might be pleasantly surprised with how much you have in common with them and hopefully it leads to more meaningful relationships.

  1. Live and Let Live

You won’t meet anybody new by staying home and lounging around your apartment, but that doesn’t mean you should stress out over a lack of “friends” either. Have some realistic expectations and if you have a free weekend where nobody has invited you to a party or some major event, then just relax and enjoy the moment.

But if a new acquaintance should invite you to the movies or out for a cup of coffee take advantage of it.  Turning down invitations will quickly put you on the “do not invite” list.

Also, remember that everything takes time, so allow routines and friendships to unfold naturally.

When you do get some new friends, make sure to invite them over to your luxurious Santa Anna Apartment, so they can relish in your amazing digs.

Have them take a quick swim in our resort style pool and then fire up our outdoor grills to show them that not only are you funny, witty, and intelligent – you also make a mean BBQ.

Contact us today to find out about our move-in specials or to schedule a visit at our modern apartments.




3 Reasons Santa Anna is Perfect for Your Furry Friend

At the end of a long workday, there’s no better feeling on earth than opening up your apartment door to a tail-wagging, furry bundle of joy. The second you walk in, your pet’s eyes light up and all the stress from your seemingly endless day quickly melts away, and almost instantly, you feel right at home.

From all those videos in defense of the ‘Dog Parent’ lifestyle to those memes of overly expressive dogs we can’t just seem to get enough of, it’s no secret that we’re currently living in a world that puts great importance on the pampering of our furry friends. Whether you believe in dog hotels or organic grass-fed treats, when wandering down the aisles at H-E-B, it’s clear that more than ever, we’re extremely mindful when it comes to taking care of our pets, and that is truly a beautiful thing.

At Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco, we are aware of this trend, and we’d like you to know that we’re just as obsessed with those Doug the Pug videos as you are (who isn’t!?). When it comes to caring for your pet, we understand that you view them as a special member of your family. For that reason, we’ve made some much-needed accommodations to our facility to ensure that you and your beloved pets are as happy and comfortable as can be.

In case you were wondering, here’s 3 reasons Santa Anna Apartments Homes is purrfect (see what we did there?) for you and your pets:

1. Our doors are open

In our day and age, there’s no better companion that a sweet and furry little pal. For that reason, we have a 100% pet-friendly policy at Santa Anna Apartment Homes. Rather than hounding you with strict rules and regulations, we understand that all you really want is to kick back and relax with your four-legged friend. For that reason, we welcome your pets with open arms.

On the plus side, we offer several options when it comes to floor plans to ensure that your furry friend has plenty of room to explore. And to assure that you’re as comfortable as possible, we offer both carpet or faux wood flooring in our units because we know accidents can happen no matter how sure you are your little friend has been potty-trained. If you’re pup goes crazy for the outdoors, we also offer enclosed backyards for cookouts and entertainment in select units. What could be better than grilling with your favorite pet by your side?

2. Bark park!

While regular parks designed for families are wonderful, we can’t forget the needs of our furry family members. At Santa Anna Apartment Homes, we know how important your pet’s happiness is to you. For that reason, we’ve made pets a priority and designed a special place they’ll go crazy over: the Bark Park!

No matter what stage of life your pet is in, there’s no denying the fact that there’s nothing better for them than some time spent in the great outdoors. What better way to do this than with their neighbors?

At the Santa Anna Bark Park, your dog can explore sans leash, mingle with the other resident pups and get some healthy exercise in.

When it comes to raising a healthy dog, the benefits a Bark Park offers can make all the difference in the life and happiness of your best friend (and if you take your dog, we guarantee they’ll love you 10x more).

3. Squeaky Clean

Although taking care of a pet is a life-changing experience, it’s also one that’s filled with mud stains and half-eaten trash. To ease these little messes, Santa Anna Apartment Homes has an extremely convenient pet washing station!

Whether your pet is in desperate need of a bath or is simply looking to cool off from the summer heat, we’ve made it our mission to make caring for your four-legged friend one less thing you need to stress about. Even if your pet hates bath time, our washing station will make the process quick and easy (sorry, Fido).

Throughout the centuries, animals have always held a special place in the heart of humans. As time has gone on, our relationships with the special pets in our lives have only deepened making us more compassionate people. At Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco, we understand your love for your pet like no other! If you’re looking for a welcoming environment for you and your furry companions, contact us today at (956) 678-4444

Good Mother, Good Teacher

Last month we couldn’t help but notice a blog written by Marissa Cooper and shared by TES. It struck a cord on social media and we saw many people reacting to the post, sharing the blog and tagging friends and colleagues. Marissa shares in heartbreaking detail the struggle of being a Mom AND a teacher.

The struggle is real

Being a Mother is a thankless job. Being a Teacher is a thankless job. Doing both, well, that takes a special breed. Marissa shares that she never feels like she is doing enough. She feels like a bad Mother and a bad Teacher. We wish we could put our arms around Marissa and tell her that she gets an A+ for giving everything she has and more to all those around her. There’s more we want to tell her and all those like her who are struggling through frustrated tears. Please share this with all the Mothers and Teachers you know:

1. You Are Enough

It doesn’t feel like it, and maybe it never will, but you are enough. Give yourself a break and look at all you have accomplished each day. Don’t focus on what you didn’t get to. You accomplished a tremendous amount. Students learned and children felt loved. You have given all you can give and it IS enough.

2. You Are Wonderful

It takes a very special person to continually give to those around her. Great Teachers are exhausted and stressed because they CARE. They meet the increasing demands of administration and standardized testing without sacrificing their students. They listen, they adapt, they lead, they communicate, they juggle, they teach and they mold. For all this and more, you ARE wonderful.

3. You Are Making A Difference

When you see a student who sat quietly for months raise his hand to ask a question, you know. When a parent embraces you and shows appreciation, you know. When you see the spark of understanding as a student connects real world relevance to what you are teaching in the classroom, you know. When your student asks you for a reference letter, you know. When your student returns years later and says “Thank you for believing in me.”, you know. Savor these moments and the hundreds more because you ARE making a difference and you ARE making our community and the world a better place.

Teacher Appreciation

Marissa said in her blog, “Teachers too are, by nature, givers. The desire to help others – to give something of ourselves up for their inspiration, their betterment – is at the heart of belonging in the classroom. So we find ourselves giving. And giving. And giving.”. We agree and we admire those of you who dedicate your time, energy and tears to educating the children in our community.

Please allow us to now give back to you, educators of the Rio Grande Valley, with an exclusive Teacher Appreciation offer. We want to be the place you call home, the place where you can relax and focus on yourself and your family.

We are sensitive to the fact that the future of our children is in your hands. To thank you for your service to our community, our doors are open to you and your family. We truly value your hard work and dedication to improve the quality of education in the RGV. Enjoy your downtime at Santa Anna Apartment Homes with the following amenities:

  • Close proximity to Weslaco schools
  • Pet-friendly amenities: Bark Park and Pet Washing Station
  • Residence features: outdoor cabana and fireplace
  • Spacious luxury floor-plans
  • Lifestyle and fitness facilities
  • 24-hour on-site customer service and maintenance

Luxury Apartment Living Made Easy

Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco offers a prime list of amenities for our residents to enjoy. We strive to go above and beyond exceptional apartment living with exclusive discounts for our tenants working in the educational and medical fields, as well as border patrol agents. Check out all of our amenities and samples of our floor-plans to see why Santa Anna Apartment Homes is the perfect community for you and your family. Call us today at 956.678.4444 to schedule an appointment or to inquire about one of our units.

Is Renter’s Insurance worth the Investment?

You may not be ready to move into a house, but that does not mean you should do without financial protection for yourself, other household members, your guests and your personal property. While many people believe renters’ insurance is an unnecessary expense, it may be a wise investment to protect your personal belongings in case of an accident or other unfortunate event in your rented home. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or home, or you’re well established, it’s best to know about what renters’ insurance can do for you.

What is renters’ insurance?

Typically the actual residence is protected by your landlord, but that does not take into account your personal property or expenses incurred as a result of an accident in your rented home. That’s where renters’ insurance kicks in. Much like homeowners’ insurance, renters’ insurance serves to protect a tenant’s personal property from fire, theft and vandalism. Rather than insuring the dwelling, renter’s insurance provides liability coverage and peace of mind for one’s belongings and household investments. Only 39% of renters have in renters’ insurance, though the financial protection may be well worth the investment.

What are types of renters’ insurance coverage?

When shopping for insurance, you’ll run into a variety of policies. It’s best to be familiar with the types of protection your insurance policy can provide. Depending on the company and package you purchase, the policy could provide coverage like: • Personal liability – If someone files a lawsuit against you for any injuries suffered in your apartment, this type of coverage will take care of legal costs.

  • Personal property – On average, renters own between $20,000 and $30,000 in personal property. This type of coverage will kick in to replace your belongings in case of a fire or burglary.
  • Property damage to others – Renters’ insurance follows you outside your rented property. This coverage will help you replace any accidental damage you may have caused to someone else’s property.
  • Medical payments – A designated amount of medical expenses under this coverage are covered for guests who are injured on your property.
  • Additional living expenses – In the case of a covered incident in your rental property that leaves it unfit for use, this coverage will cover relocation expenses up to a certain limit.

What does renters’ insurance cover?

Most renters’ insurance policies will offer at least financial coverage for personal property and for additional living expenses. In case of an emergency, it’s wise to have a rough list of major items in your household or to estimate the true value of your personal possessions. Keep it somewhere safe; it’ll safe you time and stress when you have to file your claim after an incident. The goal is to replace your lost items with financial compensation. Most insurance policies place caps on more expensive personal items, so renters have the option of purchasing additional coverage. These items include electronics, firearms and jewelry. If your renters’ insurance covers “Loss of Use”, meaning your living expenses are covered if you are displaced from your home, hotel bills or temporary rent will be taken care of up to a certain amount.

Get In Touch Today

Santa Anna Apartment Homes strive to offer new and existing tenants relevant information on renting and apartment living. Whether you’re a new or long term renter, we aim to make the best of your apartment life. Call our office at 956.678.4444 to learn more about our policies, amenities and apartment availability.

Tips for Moving To Your New Apartment

Moving to a new apartment can be an exciting adventure for many. The prospect of having a new space to call your own and new amenities to enjoy are no doubt fun to think about, though the moving process is rarely part of the excitement. Moving all your belongings is a tiresome and lengthy ordeal, but there are tricks to make the move easier and less stressful.

Write a Master Plan

Before you do anything else, make a list of everything you have to do and how much time you have to get it done. This includes large furniture pieces you made need help with, purchasing moving items, things to giveaway, and other errands that must be completed within your moving period like managing your utilities. The master plan will serve as an organized guideline to ensure the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

Toss it. Donate it. Sell it.

It may be the most dreaded part of moving, but you should get rid of clutter early on. All those items you’ve had hidden in the back of your cabinets, drawers, and closets for ages need to once again see the light of day. As a rule of thumb, if you have not had a use for it in a year, then you don’t need it. Sort old clothes and equipment by what you can throw away, donate, and sell. This way you can focus on the things that you’ll need in your new home.

Gather the Right Moving Supplies

To save money on moving boxes, stop by your local Costco, Sams, or similar stores to ask for packaging boxes that will no longer be in use. If you’re planning on placing some of your items in storage, opt for plastic boxes and vacuum-packed bags. Finally, if you don’t have access to a large enough vehicle for moving, hire a moving truck or consider using moving containers in the process. Make sure to be fully packed and ready to go when they show up at your door step.

Pack Smartly

Protect fragile items by stacking them or using towels and clothing as cushion. Remember to number and label your boxes to keep track of your personal items and for easy unpacking. Then pack in layers with heavier items on the bottom. You’ll want to have access to essential items you’re likely to use first in your new home.

Cover Yourself

A smart mover will take pictures of their old apartment once everything has been moved out as well as pictures of their new apartments before everything has been moved in. This provides photographic evidence to both landlords in case of property damage or security deposit problems.

Take It Easy

The most important thing to remember when moving is to take it easy. Organize the moving process so it doesn’t affect your daily routine too much if you need to work or go to school. Take a few days off to get everything done with plenty of help from friends, family, or professional movers. Focus on enjoying your new apartment once you’re all settled in. Santa Anna Apartment Homes boasts a range of attractive amenities for those looking for luxury apartment living in Weslaco. With a staff offering premiere customer service, we’ll help make the moving process easier.

Meet the Neighbors: Tips for Breaking the Ice

Finding the perfect apartment to call home is not just about the space you’re getting or the amenities offered. Consider the community surrounding your new home. Building a healthy relationship with your neighbors early on can positively influence your living situation. They’ll always be there to help with a cup of sugar or watch your pets while you’re away. Your new neighbors could even become long-standing friends. While the process may be awkward at first, take these tips into considerations when meeting your apartment community.

For the Socialite

If you live for playing host, make your mark in a new neighborhood by hosting a get-together. Ask your building manager about organizing a social event. Take advantage of the apartment complex pool or clubhouse as those are perfect areas to set your party. Making the event a potluck or block party will encourage other neighbors to interact, too. Use the opportunity to introduce yourself and socialize. You’ll find neighbors that you’re most compatible in no time.

For the Introvert

If you prefer individual encounters over hosting small social events, focus on meeting your neighbors one at a time. Bake some goodies for your closest neighbors, because nothing breaks the ice like the smell of freshly baked cookies. For the more distance neighbors, introduce yourself when you run into them during an elevator ride or in the parking lot. The key is to make a habit out of saying hello when you see them and to make small talk. Whether you’re new to the area or a long-living resident, there’s plenty of conversation to be made about local hot spots or restaurants to try. It could serve as to a lead for a future hangout with them. Centered on Community Santa Anna Apartment Homes feels strongly about fostering and maintaining a happy apartment community. That’s why we host planned resident activities and offer plenty of entertainment opportunities, whether they be outdoor or indoor activities. For information and questions on our Calendar of Events and amenities, call us at (956)678-4444.

Welcome Home, New Santa Anna Residents

From the Santa Anna Apartment Homes staff to you, thank you for making your new home in our luxury apartment community. We are confident that you’ll enjoy meeting your new friendly neighbors as well as the staff here at Santa Anna. Feel free to make use of our many wonderful amenities catered to individuals and families alike. The clubhouse and pool as well as the jogging or walking paths are available to you as a special treat that comes with luxury apartment living.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a safe and comfortable community that is interactive and welcoming to newcomers. That’s why we offer plenty of outdoor amenities and planned resident activities. Stay tuned for updates on these activities and more through our Calendar of Events. We’ll also be posting blogs and articles about apartment living for our new and existing residents to enjoy. Please feel free to visit us with your questions and concerns as our doors are always open.