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Real Life Grey’s Anatomy

No matter where you go, it’s likely that you’ll hear somebody gushing about Grey’s Anatomy the second they hear about your profession. While the show is a guilty pleasure for most of us, it makes the lives of medical professionals look downright glamorous. Of course, as a real-life member of the local medical field, you […]

Decorating Tricks for Small Living Spaces

Apartment living comes with a host of exciting experiences, like learning to make the best of small living spaces. You may be one of the lucky ones with a spacious apartment, but for most apartment-dwellers, maximizing small spaces is a necessity. Check out these tips and tricks to make your small living space feel bigger […]

Is Renter’s Insurance worth the Investment?

You may not be ready to move into a house, but that does not mean you should do without financial protection for yourself, other household members, your guests and your personal property. While many people believe renters’ insurance is an unnecessary expense, it may be a wise investment to protect your personal belongings in case […]

Tips for Moving To Your New Apartment

Moving to a new apartment can be an exciting adventure for many. The prospect of having a new space to call your own and new amenities to enjoy are no doubt fun to think about, though the moving process is rarely part of the excitement. Moving all your belongings is a tiresome and lengthy ordeal, […]

Meet the Neighbors: Tips for Breaking the Ice

Finding the perfect apartment to call home is not just about the space you’re getting or the amenities offered. Consider the community surrounding your new home. Building a healthy relationship with your neighbors early on can positively influence your living situation. They’ll always be there to help with a cup of sugar or watch your […]

Welcome Home, New Santa Anna Residents

From the Santa Anna Apartment Homes staff to you, thank you for making your new home in our luxury apartment community. We are confident that you’ll enjoy meeting your new friendly neighbors as well as the staff here at Santa Anna. Feel free to make use of our many wonderful amenities catered to individuals and […]