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New Year: New Luxury Apartment

10 Tips to Make Moving to Santa Anna Apartment Homes Easier The holiday season is completely underway and the New Year is just around the corner. If you’ve been looking to move at the start of the New Year, but just can’t seem to find that luxury apartment you’ve been searching for, then look no […]

8 Plants that will Thrive in Your Apartment

As convenient as apartment living can be, it’s all too easy to find yourself feeling like you might be missing out on some of the perks that homeowners enjoy. While it’s easy to give into these myths, at Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco, we beg to differ. Contrary to public opinion, when armed with […]

Good Mother, Good Teacher

‘ Last month we couldn’t help but notice a blog written by Marissa Cooper and shared by TES. It struck a cord on social media and we saw many people reacting to the post, sharing the blog and tagging friends and colleagues. Marissa shares in heartbreaking detail the struggle of being a Mom AND a […]

7 Low Impact, Quiet Exercises for Apartment Living

If you’re a heavy exerciser, chances are your workouts incorporate dynamic movements that, when done in a gym or studio, are considered the norm. But, when you’re short on time and a drive to the gym doesn’t fit your schedule, it’s great to whip out your workout mat and get your 30 minutes in at […]