5 Killer Tips for Moving During the Summer

School is out. The sun is shining bright. And apartment leases are expiring.

Summer is the most popular season for moving for a number of reasons including parents not wanting to move their children in the middle of the school year, better (albeit hotter) weather, apartment availability increasing, and much more.

However, you also have to deal with other people moving, more difficulty securing moving trucks and packers, and generally more people on the road because of summer vacation. Oh…and there’s also those sweltering hot days, especially here in the Rio Grande Valley and Weslaco area.

But don’t let the idea of moving put a damper on the sunny days you have ahead. We here at the luxurious Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco know there are plenty of things you can do to prepare for a summer move.

Consider the following 5 killer tips for moving this summer season.  

  1. Start your planning way in advance.

If moving during the summer is your only option, don’t wait until the last minute to start getting everything in place. While there are always things related to family, work, and friends that demand our time, a move can’t be thrown together overnight.

A good rule to follow is to start planning at least six weeks before your move. This will give the time to sort out all the details and increases your chances of being able to hire moving professionals.

Summer is the busy season for moving and fills up their schedules as well. You need to reserve their help early or risk getting stuck doing all the heavy lifting yourself.

  1. Aim for the days that will not be as busy.

Not only might it ruin the fun of a weekend summer getaway, but moving at the end of the week is sure to make the transition a busy affair. Your best bet is to pick a weekday in the middle of the month.

Enjoy the holidays and the ends of the month with your family and friends because it’s doubtful you’ll be able to accomplish a successful move on these days. At all costs, avoid Memorial Day weekend. This is the busiest time of the year and will definitely slow you down.

  1. Know how long it will take you to pack if you do it yourself.

If you are going to be boxing up your belongings on your own, the plan should be to do it a little bit at a time so that you aren’t in a rush the day before you need to be out of your current house/apartment/etc.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go smoothly, especially with jobs, children, and life’s surprises thrown in the mix. That’s why you need to be honest with yourself about whether you can handle packing on your own. The longer you wait to decide the harder it gets to hire help from a moving company.

  1. Keep things in the right place, the right way.

That summer sun is definitely something for everyone to enjoy but it can be a hazard to some of the things we own.

Certain items, like candles, can melt if packed in the back of a moving van. It is important to keep them with you while you move so they don’t damage your other possessions.

Leather is another thing that needs to be properly cared for when transporting. To protect it from scratches and tears, some people will wrap leather pieces in plastic, but this can cause them to “sweat”. It would be better to use some padded cushions while it moves from your old home to your new one.

  1. Staying cool is within your power.

Visiting a waterpark or a nice trip to the beach are great ways to beat the summer heat.

Moving, however, can quickly become sweaty business.

The best weapon you have against a scorching day is air conditioning. It is important that you have the A/C still connected both where you are moving from and to. This change in temperature while you work can go a long way for safety, energy, and morale.

Also, whoever your moving team is, professional or personal, keep them well hydrated. Having water and sports drinks on hand is a good idea for taking care of and thanking those helping you move.

Make this summer one to remember with a move to Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco.

We here at Santa Anna Apartment Homes know that summer is the time that many people look forward to so they can relax and enjoy some downtime.

While moving may not necessarily be at the top of that list, the good news is that there is a lot that everyone can do to make moving into a new home go smoothly and quickly.

And once you finally do make it to your luxurious new home at Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco, treat yourself (and your helpers) to a nice cool dip in our resort-style pool and some good ol’ summer bbq at your very own outdoor cabana and grill.  
If you have any more questions about simplifying your move, then contact us at today (956) 678-4444 and let us help you find the answers you need.

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