5 Amazing Autumn Alterations for Your Apartment

Almost no one wants to see the summer come to an end. During these past few months, you’ve likely had a chance or two to shrug off the stresses of the year and relax a bit.

Unfortunately, as we move into late September, summer is about to officially wrap up. But no reason to fret.

Your management team at Weslaco’s luxurious Santa Anna Apartments reminds you that even if the temperature doesn’t change much here in the Rio Grande Valley, you can still make some changes on your own.

One of the biggest changes you can make is a seasonal switch-up of your interior decor.

Fall offers plenty of opportunities – beyond just Halloween and Thanksgiving – for you to mix things up in ways that don’t have to be expensive or exhausting.

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First things first: Don’t think of this as a to-do list!

Before you roll your sleeves up and get to work, it never hurts to have a plan in place.

While Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations can each make for hundreds of articles themselves, we’ll focus on general changes for every “regular” day of the season.

The following are just a few suggestions to consider as you get started making your apartment new again:

  1. Begin With A Clean Canvas. When a painter begins a new work, you can be sure that the first thing they need in their creation is a blank slate. They don’t go running to find an old painting and start their new one on top it.

    The same is true for your interior space. We all think of spring as cleaning time, but fall is the perfect time to get out the mop, broom, and whatever else it takes to freshen things up.

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  3. Don’t Let The Lighting Get Gloomy. As the days grow shorter, there will be less and less sunlight for you to enjoy. Making the inside of your apartment a brighter place can improve every experience you have, whether it’s just watching TV or having those closest to you over for a get-together.

    Changes like tea lights in smaller spaces and lanterns on bigger, more visible surfaces, can add just enough to a room to change its whole feel.

  4. Change The Colors. The colors typically associated with spring and summer are essentially the opposite of fall. The bright floral and tropical colors of earlier seasons should make way for more earthy tones and darker shades of orange and yellow.

    One way to add this color before you or your visitors ever step inside is to hang a welcome wreath on your door. Wreaths are a great way to combine fall colors, textures, and symbols. They’re also great at showing off your personality and quirkiness.

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  6. The Scent Of Autumn.Your sense of smell is one of your keenest senses and you can pretty much guarantee it’s the same for your visitors. But regardless of how sensitive a visitor’s sense of smell is, if your apartment’s appearance and scent don’t match up, you are sure to get the wrong kind of attention.

    It’s fall now, so matching tropical citrus and Hawaiian breeze with your fall decorations is going to end with lots of confusion and disharmony. Instead, shoot for familiar seasonal scents like apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin to reinforce your autumn theme.

  7. Nature Can Still Be Your Friend Inside. It can seem like a common theme for all seasons but it never hurts to bring the outdoors in with you. At least in the right amounts anyway.

    The best part about nature is that you can decorate with it for free. An easy way to bring some into your apartment involves collecting simple items like branches, twigs, and leaves and displaying them in empty jars, bottles, and vases.

    If you want to get a little more creative, you can place the heads of flowers in a bowl of water and float them on the surface with candles. The right assortment of colored blooms can make this an elegant and eye-catching piece for your dining or coffee table.

    A little bit of the outdoors helps bring in everything on this list, from color and scent, to enhanced lighting.

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If you are looking for a change in scenery this fall, then contact us today at the luxurious Santa Anna Apartments in Weslaco. Come find out why Santa Anna Apartments is a place for all seasons.

Summer may be on the way out but that’s no reason to mourn. Fall is a beautiful season that brings many of its own wonderful changes and requires little effort to embrace.

Santa Anna wants you to feel at peace in every season with us. Whether you change the way your apartment looks or the way you look at the world, our commitment to making your home here as comfortable as possible will never waver.

Call us at 956-678-4444 to find out more about availability and seasonal specials.

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