12 Tips for Being a Great Apartment Neighbor

Just like everything else in life, apartment living requires a little courtesy. A bit of civility will go a long way in making your apartment experience that much better and will help you develop pleasant relationships with all your neighbors. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you are on good terms with your neighbors is priceless.

Being a great neighbor at Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco is a breeze. With our resort style pool, clubhouse and entertainment zone, on-site gym, and planned resident activities, you’re sure to fall in love with the apartment community. In fact, we think it’s a little tough to be rude when you’re living in such blissful luxury.

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But if you want to be the greatest neighbor that you can be, consider the following 12 tips for excellent apartment etiquette:

  • Acknowledge neighbors that say hi to you. You don’t have to be creepy or annoying, but a quick smile and a wave of the hand can do wonders. And don’t forget to be courteous to property management and employees as well. It can seem quite rude to ignore someone who offers a brief hello, so don’t leave anybody thinking that about you.
  • Watch the volume. Nobody’s perfect and sometimes music, family, or daily activities can get to be quite loud. But it is important to be mindful about the amount of noise that you are making, especially in an apartment building where your neighbors literally live right across the wall. Be particularly considerate in the early mornings and late at night.
  • Don’t forget about the kids. Parents know that children can be a handful, running and jumping through the house all day long, but in an apartment, all that banging can be bothersome to a neighbor. Consider practicing “quiet time” rules with your little ones, especially once the sun goes down. If they’re aching to burn some energy take them to the community playground or a local park close by.
  • Oh…and remember Max too. You may love dogs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your neighbor does. Make sure your dog isn’t barking all day and night. Also, don’t forget to clean up after Fido when you take him outside for his daily walk. Our Bark Park at Santa Anna Apartment Homes is a favorite for pooches.
  • Head’s up! If you’re going have a get-together, be a thoughtful neighbor and let those around you know. If you have a great relationship with any of them, you might as well invite them over. Just be sure to keep down the noise once it gets dark.
  • And don’t forget to clean up. If you’re planning on using the community grill for your get-together, then don’t forget to clean up your trash and make sure the charcoal is completely out.
  • Speaking of trash. While it may seem a little odd, don’t forget about dumpster etiquette. Make sure your trash bags are secured and aren’t leaking as you walk them to the community dumpster. A leaking bag can leave odors and stains that no one will find pleasant.
  • Be a good neighbor in the parking lot too. Don’t forget to show courtesy in the parking lot; that means respecting reserved parking spaces, driving slowly and carefully, avoiding excessive honking, or “peeling out”. This rule is especially vital as small children may be playing in the parking lot, and you don’t want to be the cause of an unfortunate accident because you were speeding behind the wheel.
  • Don’t be washer/dryer hog. If you are using the community laundromat, then keep an eye on the washer or dryer you are using. You don’t want to leave your clothes in them all day, especially because others might need to take care of their laundry as well. Also, avoid drying clothes (and under garments) outside on your balcony. There are inexpensive drying racks that you can use indoors in the privacy of your own home.
  • Don’t forget about the pool rules. While the pool can be a ton of fun, it’s also important to abide by a few rules to avoid annoying (or hurting) any one. Make sure to rinse off before diving in the pool so you don’t jump in sweaty and dirty, keep music low, avoid being excessively loud if you’re having conversations, and don’t run around the pool, as you can accidentally injure someone. Also, because most pools aren’t very deep, avoid “diving”. You’ll probably splash others that aren’t interested in that, and you can hurt yourself as well. Don’t forget kids will usually be around so behave yourself.
  • Know your friends. We all have that one friend that is a little “louder”, to say the least. If they have a habit of honking everywhere they go, being excessively brassy, or you know them to be a bit of a daredevil, maybe having them over isn’t such a great idea. You don’t want management to talk to you about the rules and policies.
  • Enjoy your sports. Just not in the apartment complex. A game of football is an awesome way to spend the weekend with some friends, just not in the minimal space provided by your apartment complex, or in the parking lot. That also goes for skateboarding, or any other sorts of activities that require quite a bit of space.
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Come be a great neighbor at the luxurious Santa Anna Apartment Homes of Weslaco.

Or even better…come have great neighbors at Santa Anna Apartment Homes. With our outdoor cabana with fireplace, community grills, resort style pool, and pet friendly environment, you’re sure to have a blast meeting new people with similar (and different) interests.

If you’re interested in living at one of the premier apartments in Weslaco (or the RGV for that matter), then contact Santa Anna Apartment Homes management today.

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