5 Amazing Autumn Alterations for Your Apartment

Almost no one wants to see the summer come to an end. During these past few months, you’ve likely had a chance or two to shrug off the stresses of the year and relax a bit. Unfortunately, as we move into late September, summer is about to officially wrap up. But no reason to fret. […]

Remaking Your Apartment For Summer

Summer can go a long way toward getting us out of our routines. Maybe it’s a vacation or road trip you’re finally getting the chance to take. Or maybe this is the summer where you follow through on a New Year’s resolution and start a new hobby. Sometimes, though, we find ourselves staying indoors for […]

5 Killer Tips for Moving During the Summer

School is out. The sun is shining bright. And apartment leases are expiring. Summer is the most popular season for moving for a number of reasons including parents not wanting to move their children in the middle of the school year, better (albeit hotter) weather, apartment availability increasing, and much more. However, you also have […]

10 Tips for Decluttering Your Apartment

Do you have a habit of purchasing all the cute, little knick-knacks you run across? If you can’t help but take those small (and big) items every chance you get, the odds are that you’ve probably built up quite a bit of clutter at home. Apartment living can be a beautiful experience. For instance, if […]

5 Ways to Transform Mom’s Apartment Bathroom into a Spa Oasis this Mother’s Day

It’s time to mark your calendars and get that creativity flowing because we are officially entering “Parent Appreciation Season.” So, what exactly is this and what does it mean for you? Essentially, both Mother’s and Father’s Day are creeping up on us faster than ever. First up this week is Mother’s Day. So, jump on […]

Good Mother, Good Teacher

‘ Last month we couldn’t help but notice a blog written by Marissa Cooper and shared by TES. It struck a cord on social media and we saw many people reacting to the post, sharing the blog and tagging friends and colleagues. Marissa shares in heartbreaking detail the struggle of being a Mom AND a […]

Real Life Grey’s Anatomy

No matter where you go, it’s likely that you’ll hear somebody gushing about Grey’s Anatomy the second they hear about your profession. While the show is a guilty pleasure for most of us, it makes the lives of medical professionals look downright glamorous. Of course, as a real-life member of the local medical field, you […]

Santa Anna Honors Border Patrol Agents with Exclusive Discount

At Santa Anna Apartment Homes in Weslaco, we strive to maintain a safe community for our residents. We understand the value of security and honor the hardworking individuals who have devoted their lives to protecting our borders. As a small token of our appreciation, we offer an exclusive discount for Border Patrol agents and their […]